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HealthRight Naturopath                                                           Peter Riddering ND, BHsc (CompMed), Iridologist, Medical Herbalist, Dip Rem Massage.

For the best of natural health care on Waiheke Island.

The best in naturopathy, iridology, located on Beautiful Waiheke Island. Peter Riddering has been in natural health since 1990 and a qualified naturopath/herbalist since 2007.

Naturopathy: Suitable for most physical complaints: Nutritional and Zonal Consultations: Totally Personalised Nutrition in line with the most up-to-date information includes Iridology and Sclerology. Bringing a three-day description of your diet and knowing your blood group is an advantage.  

Massage: I will no longer do massage therapies and body work any longer because of my Parkinson's syndromes, small movements are very difficult to make.


  • "Testimonial from James Jiao, june 2011 I was initially referred to Peter on the advise of my podiatrist due to an inflammation in my Achilles tendons. His deep-issue massage ..."
    James J, Auckland
  • "Peter Riddering has been my regular masseur for around 14 years and I've used his Naturopathic services several times.. On the infrequent times I have used another (recommended)..."
    Carol Kenah