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Suitable for most physical complaints: Nutritional and Diet Consultations: Totally Personalised Nutrition in line with the most up-to-date information includes Iridology and Sclerology. Bringing a three-day description of your diet and knowing your blood group is an advantage.

Iridology: I do this at home, at the Saturday Waiheke Ostend market. As well in the city by appointment. I have been at the market for short iris appraisals  (20 minute basic naturopathic session)  since January 1994 you can find me in the hall just about every weekend. These are short mini naturopathic session, excellent for getting a small but significant health screen. I see hundreds of people every year with a large number of Skype follow ups.

Skype sessions: the first 15 minutes are free. Ideal to start and see how I can help you or to follow up from previous sessions when you cannot see me on Waiheke. The same charges apply (minus 15 minutes), payable by internet banking or cheque.

Naturopathic supplements and herbs: I can source your supplement for you or you can do this yourself. Naturopaths have access to more powerful and usually better formulated than shop bought supplements - frequently better than multilevel marketing products. Some supplements and herbs may interfere with allopathic medical drugs -- inform your naturopath if you are on such medications.


MASSAGE MENU: I am no longer doing massage and body therapies.
 Kinesiology: accessing energy pathways to diffuse dyslexia, emotional and muscular stresses using muscle checking, meridians, and movement.

 I have put my Waiheke charges below.

 Peter’s Charges (for Waiheke Island)

   Naturopathy (Initial 90 minutes):   $ 90

   Naturopathy follow up:               $ 30 to 50  (can be Skyped)

  Iridology/nutrition (60 minutes):     $65

  Fascial Kinetics/Kinesiology:         $ 65

   Skype sessions first 15 minutes free.


 Late cancellation fee may apply within 24 Hrs of appointment: $30